Fight for Your Dream

Growing up in a small city in China, I was never political.

I don't know if it was because my parents rarely discussed politics, or because it was irrelevant - meaning, my opinions, didn't matter.

Keating, on the other hand, cares about politics, and so does his family. I remember a family dinner my first time joining The Sherry Vacation, and the way they were talking about current policies and government, felt like, they were involved with the decision making process - a very novel experience for me to witness.

Every American citizen could be a decision maker here.

I started following the news and elections in 2015, yea, around the time a businessman started running for the president, and that didn't go down well. I didn't understand why would anyone vote for him (still processing), but gradually I started to hear different voices. ether it was single-issue voter, didn't like the other candidate, or voted for the party - whatever that was, it was decisions made by each individual.

Elizabeth Warren was my top pick from the beginning, I've had a hard time understanding why she's not getting more votes. NPR Politics gave a really good synopsis last Thursday on the episode: Elizabeth Warren Ends Her Campaign, Talks About Support from 'All Those Little Girls'. Other than her role being as the bridge of Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigfd98gliu@ryzen.comieg didn't play out well. She was actually many people's first choice. Those people didn't end up voting for her because some didn't think others would vote for her, or some just couldn't see a woman in the White House (and it was said by a woman).

We were so focused on the idea of beating Trump, we forgot to fight for what we believe.

If we are not going to fight for our dreams, no one else will.

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