Winter Get-away

I DO NOT like cold weather and obviously, the east coast winter doesn't help with that. We knew we were going away somewhere tropical in January for Rafa's first big trip and to celebrate Keating's 32nd birthday, and we had a few places to choose - The Bahamas, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Costa Rica and Mexico. It took us 20 minutes to pick Cancún/Tulum, the facilities seemed better, and it felt like an easy trip for a 7-month baby. Just when I started checking on Airbnb, Rafa tried to pull my hair to remind me that we had a 7-month-old fellow - Airbnb might NOT be a smart move. 10 minutes later, we booked Marriott Cancún Resort, with an ocean view. YEAH, it's all-inclusive, and breakfast was also included.

Check-in at the airport: with Delta credit card we get two free check-in luggage which was so needed with all the baby stuff we packed.

Here he's taking up a whole seat to himself:

Our fly attendant had a 13-month-old, she was really helpful getting us a whole row of seat, bringing water for me and snack(bag) for Rafa to play with. The whole flight was seamless and smooth, and we finally arrived in Cancún in the afternoon with my numb arms (lifting a 23lb kettlebell aka Rafa has that effect). We booked the hotel shuttle-bus ahead of time, it only took about 20-minutes to the hotel. Everyone was very friendly and I already fell in love with the Mexican hospitality.

Okay, we were so excited for the ocean-view room, was planning to sip up some coconut water on the deck and enjoy the view from the room. Once we got to the room, I realize it wasn't as ocean-view as I expected (see the arrow pointing to our room). We didn't get the view of the ocean from our room, but a few steps from the patio to a front-ocean-view:

We stayed at the resort for 10 days. Of course, we planned to visit Chichen Itza and also spent a few days in Tulum, but we ended up staying at the hotel zone the whole time. We used to be the kind of people who wandered around and got lost (more like Keating would adventure around, and I followed by). At that time, we tried to keep our little guy's schedule consistent, and we were both working remotely during the trip - so long car ride and stroller unfriendly places weren't on the top of our list.

Well, well, well, what should I say, I think Keating and I did a pretty good job for our first big trip, or I should say vacation. Our day-to-day schedule looked like this: In the morning, Keating would get up early with Rafa and walk with him on the beach so I could sleep in. After I got ready we would stroll around before breakfast. After that, Rafa usually took his morning nap. In the afternoon, it was pool time and afternoon nap. 5:00 ish we usually walked to a taqueria or the nearby grocery store to pick up dinner.

It was somewhat forecasted when we were there, painted different sunrises and sunsets every day. The 70ish degree weather and the salty ocean breeze allowed us to appreciate tropical warmth, and not to bother by the east coast winter. The water here was one of the clearest and it was peaceful.

Highlights at the beach:

Highlights by the pool:

Highlights at the resort:


  • No need to pack a lot of toys. Babies are so simple, they could entertain themselves with anything - a water bottle, a water cup, a bag of chips, etc... We were struggling with what ​​kind of baby gears we should bring with us. Our main concern was that Rafa couldn't quite sit up yet, and we'd like to chill on the ​​beach. I found a baby booster/beach chair on Amazon, we didn't really use it. The chair would be helpful if we weren't staying at a resort. There are many resources you could get at an all-inclusive hotel to save you energy, time, and extra money - that's why families love to choose all-inclusive hotels for vacation, and they charge you a good amount for that.

  • We went to a supermarket (in Kukulcan Plaza, 1.3 miles away from us) almost every day for all the supplies we need, with a stroller it was pretty easy to carry the beverages. OOOH, they had the BEST roasted chicken!!!

About Marriott Cancún Resort:

  • I wouldn't book for ocean-view if we went again. We had ocean-view in Maui when we stayed at Wailea Beach Resort - Marriott, and we got to watch hula performance most of the evenings from our porch - that was worth it. Marriott Cancún Resort doesn't have any performance you could watch from your porch, plus the whole resort as you can see is on the beach. You could save some $$ here.

  • Book your reservation with breakfast - very reasonable price with a variety of choices.

  • Shout out again to Marriott Cancún Resort! We originally booked for 5 days (ambitiously planned for lots of activities...), it was the ocean-view room; when we booked for the remaining days we decided to stay at resort-view room. They let us stayed where we were!

  • People were super friendly there. I left the doors/windows open one afternoon when we went out, they came in tidied the room AGAIN, left some chocolates and flowers on the bed, and a little reminder.

That's all I got to share for our Cancún trip!

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