Beautifully Chaotic

After the Restorative Yoga class last night, I had a student come up after to congratulate me on the pregnancy.

He's a father of 5-month-old baby girl. The smile on his face was so memorable - radiating a joy from the bottom of his heart.

We started chatting about the baby books we are reading. I'm glad to know he and his partner think my favorite book so far, The Happiest Baby on the Block, is very helpful. We then shared some tips and his experiences about the "fourth trimester".

What he described the period was beautifully chaotic. It's definitely difficult with a new born - you are not going get enough sleep; you are on duty 24/7; your new born needs to be fed every 2 hours, and you help him or her burp, change, and fall back asleep, then repeat. However, you are holding this most precious thing in the whole world - a life that melts your heart, makes the earth stop spinning, and that you'd do anything for.

Keating and I are very excited for welcoming the baby boy to this world, and we are living healthier and happier than ever to make the effort. One thing I found very helpful through out my pregnancy is the use of all natural products, and the biggest campaign has to be essential oils from dōTERRA®.

I'm very fortunate to have a smooth pregnancy, despite the worries from my mom. My mom had a very rough pregnancy, and according to her, those pregnancy symptoms are genetic; therefore, she deeply believed I would have a rough pregnancy. However, other than small symptoms every now and then, I'm blessed.


Here are a few essential oils I have used during different stages of my pregnancy, and their benefits:

- Peppermint: the oil I used most often, especially during early pregnancy dealing with nausea and olfactory sensitivity. I usually have a drop in my palm, rub my palms together, and take deep inhale with my mouth open. Have those volatile aromatic compound travel through my nose and throat, clear any unwanted scents or tastes and bring freshness to my body and mind.

- Ginger and Lemon: helped with morning sickness. I put a drop of each in the water, sometimes I would also add some honey to make it more flavorful.

- Lavender: always love to have lavender around to relax, especially in the diffuser.

dōTERRA's essential oils are CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oil.

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