Woods-Inspired​ Yoga

Yoga is not limited to be in the studio.

Trails are not only for hiking.

We went for a hike at Big Basin Redwoods State Park on Sunday. Unlike our usual hikes, we stopped by for quick yoga sessions.

Whenever I teach yoga in the office or the studio, here're what I usually do to help my clients/students be more mindful and completely relaxed:

- remind my them to focus on their breaths and bodies if they found their minds wandering.

- create an atmosphere (in the woods, by the beach, and etc.) during final savasana/meditation; then lead them to picture themselves in it. This allows them to engage their senses while the body is in an entirely zen status.

Nature magnifies all the senses.

You hear birds singing, wind waving through the leaves, hikers stepping on the bricks...

You see specks of dirt fly in the air, every detail of leave stems, green moss with tiny grass...

You smell redwoods, pine cones, grass, creeks, even the sunshine...

When you are in the woods, it is almost impossible to think about anything else other than being present. It is the most joyful thing when you align your breath with smooth yoga flows.

#nature #mindfulness #hiking #yoga

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