Take a vacation, literally, physically and mentally.

Extend your awareness

into the bodies of other living beings,

feel what those others are feeling.

Leave aside your body and its needs.

Abandon being so local.

Darby day, constrictions will loosen,

as you become attuned

to the current of life

flowing through us all.

-- The Radiance Sutras |84|

There are so many beautiful pieces to put together from last week's family vacation back on the east coast at the Jersey Shore. I always enjoy spending time with my fiancé and his lovely family, but in particular, this time was very memorable and dear to me as I discovered more appreciation for life.

Thursday afternoon,

I was laying on the beach,

with a nice outfit,

neat hair,

no sunglasses,

a thin layer of sunblock I put on 3-hours ago,

but none of those matters,

compare to this wonderful moment.

My fiancé and I started giggling,

loudly and freely, as if no one was around us,

The east-coast sun was bright and strong; it still hasn't started drifting away at 5 o'clock in the afternoon, we were squinting at the clouds in the sun. However, we could feel the breeze with sand, gently passing through our fingers and body.

This whole massive image: sand, people, waves, sky, etc. - millions of movements, of lives, are pumping, I could hear my heart whispering the magic of lives. I started shifting my focus from that to each particular vision:

Waves were lapping the sand on the beach, one after another; drew different shades of the sand, and rolled up thousands of tiny clams.

The clams were working hard digging back into the sand, probably knowing the next wave is coming momentarily and indicated the unknown destination.

We dug up a handful of clams with sand, felt these miniatures tiny movements.

The beach, mixed with gray, white, black sand; and fragments of shells, clams, or other undiscovered creatures.

Seagulls, some were flying above the ocean looking for prey; some were walking on the beach, like a duck but somehow crippled.

I haven't checked my phone, iPad, or MacBook for almost 6 hours now, but it was okay. I didn't feel the urgent addiction of any attachment; I was just sincerely appreciating this moment. Other than the people I was sharing the time with, nothing or no one else truly matters.

It brought me back to what childhood was like, and why we should be like children more often.

It is okay to get dirty or messy, I could just wash it off afterward.

It is fascinating when I notice every tiny detail of the earth - mother nature is a miracle.

It is easy to be satisfied and peaceful when I am being fully present.

#mindfulness #nature

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